Advancing prosecutorial and policy solutions to end gun violence in America.

PAGV co-chairs

“Since 2014, PAGV has been at the forefront in the effort to end gun violence in all its forms, from promoting safe storage in the home, to preventing suicides and accidental shootings involving children, to combating illegal firearms trafficking, to preventing and prosecuting mass shootings. We are honored to co-chair PAGV.
“We face a time of increased challenges, including a rise in gun violence. As co-chairs, will carry on PAGV’s mission, and will continue to urge the federal government to prioritize gun violence as a public health crisis.”
-PAGV Co-Chairs

Upcoming Webinar -Automatically Dangerous: 3D Printed Switches That Turn Semi-Automatic Guns Into Machine Guns

Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

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PAGV Joins Amicus Brief Opposing Injunction on ATF Ghost Gun Rule

Read press release and amicus brief here.

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Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (“PAGV”) is a non-partisan group of leading prosecutors focusing on gun violence prevention strategies ranging from policy advocacy to improved enforcement of existing laws.  In so doing, PAGV will seek as much common ground as possible among the many voices on this pressing national issue.

Working together, prosecutors across the United States can play a leading role in promoting and implementing measures to combat the gun violence that threatens our public health and safety. Prosecutors bring unique insights and credibility to gun violence prevention efforts that cannot easily be dismissed, given our central responsibilities in the justice system.