Statement from PAGV Co-Chairs on $73 Million Settlement Between Sandy Hook Families and Remington


February 16, 2022

Joint Statement from PAGV Co-Chairs Bronx DA Darcel D. Clark and Santa Barbara County DA Joyce Dudley:

The settlement between the families of some of the 20 children and six educators massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, and Remington, the maker and seller of the AR-15-style rifle used in the mass shooting, is a major victory as it paves the way for  accountability for gun manufacturers.

The settlement is remarkable for the $73 million payment, but also because it requires Remington to release thousands of documents including those regarding how they marketed such a high-powered weapon to young men like the Sandy Hook shooter.

The families should be proud of the long, arduous battle they fought through searing pain. Thanks to their resilience and determination, this win will hopefully bring changes to prevent future mass shootings and save lives. Thank you to all those who made this happen for your relentless leadership against gun violence.


PAGV is an independent coalition of approximately 50 prosecutors from diverse jurisdictions throughout the United States, working toward solutions to end gun violence. The group is co-chaired by Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark and Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley, and brings together prosecutors to discuss policies, legislation, and strategies to help prevent and confront gun violence in their jurisdictions.

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