PAGV Statement on One-Year Anniversary of ​Robb Elementary School Shooting


May 24, 2023

“One year ago today, 19 innocent children and two brave, selfless teachers were killed when a gunman entered the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and opened-fire inside classrooms. It left a tight-knit community—and the nation—shocked and devastated.

“Armed with an AR-15 rifle, the gunman held children and school staff under siege for more than an hour. The young victims had their whole lives ahead of them, but instead their lives were taken in the most evil, gruesome way. Today, our hearts are with the victims’ parents, as well as the children and school staff who survived. They will have to deal with this immense trauma and grief for the rest of their lives.

“But we must also listen to the pleas of the victims’ parents and survivors as they advocate for common-sense gun safety laws in an effort to prevent future mass shootings, save innocent lives and ensure that no other parent goes through the same pain and unimaginable loss.

“Although the Uvalde shooter had no criminal history, he exhibited multiple red flags, ranging from suicidal behavior, past menacing statements, online conduct and fascination with weapons and gun accessories. Just days after he turned 18, he bought two semi-automatic rifles and over 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Our gun laws must be strengthened to keep military-style weapons out of the hands of individuals who show these types of behavioral warning signs.

“We must all work together to keep our kids and communities safe. We owe it to the memory of the innocent children lost not only in Uvalde, but in countless communities across the nation. We need to do something.”


PAGV is an independent coalition of prosecutors from diverse jurisdictions throughout the United States, working toward solutions to end gun violence. The group is co-chaired by Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark and Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein, and brings together prosecutors to discuss policies, legislation, and strategies to help prevent and confront gun violence in their jurisdictions.

To stay up to date with PAGV’s progress, join the mailing list at, and follow PAGV on Facebook and Twitter.

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